• The Story

    The quintessence of luxury is design, it is that moment, when you stand in front of a piece of art and it is so breath-taking that your mind can only focus on that one piece. A colour, a form whatever it is that attracts you in that special way. For everyone it is different, some may not see the beauty in a painting whilst others could write a story about it and that’s what makes it so interesting.

    We from Aurentum Switzerland are constantly searching for new designs and forms. Everyone has a bottle of water at home, so we decided to make something special out of it. We will not even try to describe it to you but rather in this case say that “the bottle really is worth a thousand words”... be inspired with our latest collection.

    The first limited collection that we have designed is the Aurum79 Limited Edition. We created three unique water bottles that each come with two befitting glasses. The bottles are delivered in a beautiful wooden box with a lock made out of 24 carat gold, along with a gold key that can be worn as a necklace.

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